Passion-driven freelance filmmaker with 4 years of on-set experience in various roles including, camera assisting, operating, and video editing. I have a strong work ethic and able to collaborate with others in a professional manner. I have extensive experience in various camera system including high-end cinema camera and lenses, such as, ARRI Alexa Mini LF, Canon C300II, and Sony Venice, and certain editing softwares, such as, Adobe Premiere, After Effect and Davinci Resolve. Graduated with best final project in BA with honours Visual Communication and Design and my hobby as a still photographer influence my creative vision as a student director, completing my Masters in film directing at the University of South Wales.

Besides filmmaking, I am an avid world traveller and musician. I have travelled to several countries like Japan, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, and UK is the farthest I have ever been. I love hiking, and taking still of nature landscape. I have been gospel musician for 4-year as well and I play drum as my main instrument and grow up in a family that appreciate classical music even though my favorite genre is Funk Jazz. I have ever dreamt to be next James Brown.
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